Meet the Kitties!

After asking if any of you liked cats in my first post, I got several emails from ya’ll who are cat parents like me and my hubby.  So I thought I’d introduce you to my fur babies.

This is Brooke:


And this is Phoebe:


Both of them are shelter cats.

I was never a cat person until I ended up with one…well now, two.  You see, when I was about 5 years old, we had a cat named “Rocky” – yes, after  Rocky Balboa – I guess because he was so tough.  I don’t remember him being mean to me specifically, but I remember being told to stay away from him, contributing to my initial fear of cats.  Then I got bitten by a friend’s neighbor’s cat when I was about 7 or 8 years old that actually left a scar (I still have it!).  To the cat’s credit, my friend (also named Jenn…it’s a good name) and I wouldn’t leave it alone.  We were playing on her neighbor’s porch with the kitty and then it escaped through the screen door when we were on our way out!  Jenn and I ran through the yard, chasing after the cat, trying to get it to go home.  I guess I assumed that it was cuddly and friendly, and proceeded to try to pick it up, and BAM!  Kitty bit me.  Another reason I used to be scared of cats.  And now I’m left with a scar.

But now I’ve overcome that fear…and this is how:

Brooke and Phoebe cat napping

See how cute they are?  How could you be scared of that?  After growing up with dogs, I just didn’t know how to act properly around a cat.  Wow, they are SO different.  You’d think I would’ve figured that out sooner, but noooo.

Anywho – one day, I was out shopping and decided to stop into Petco.  Not sure why.  Just wanted to look at the fish they have in there, I guess.  When lo and behold, I spotted this sweet little calico cat.  I took pictures of her.  I asked an employee to get her out of her cage.  I played with her.  And the I held her.  And then, somehow, I fell in love with a furry feline.  I showed the pictures to Hubby and he agreed to come look at her.  We called up the local humane shelter that’s in charge of the cats at our Petco and got approved as adoptive kitty parents.  And that’s how we ended up with cat #1: Brooke.

Cat #2 is a different, yet similar, story.  About 6 months after we adopted Brooke, Hubby and I went to Petsmart to pick up some cat food, litter, etc.  This particular day happened to be one of those days when the humane shelter comes in with a bunch of animals, hoping that they will be adopted.  My eyes immediately went for a little gray kitten in a cage sitting on a table.  She saw me and started rubbing against the cage.  A lady asked if I wanted to hold her.  Of course I did.  She sat in my arms and rubbed her face on mine.  Then I found out that the shelter had named her “Luvey”, because she was so loving.  That did it.  We went home with a bag of cat food and a new cat.  Oh, and we named her Phoebe…I think because we were watching DVDs of “Friends” episodes non-stop at that time, and because we thought it sounded good with the name “Brooke”.

Brooke and Phoebe.  Phoebe and Brooke.  They’re the best of pals.  Most of the time.  ;D

What kind of cats do you have?  Calico like Brooke?  1/2 tabby, 1/2 Siamese feral cat like Phoebe?  Do you love watching Friends?  Tell me!