First Blog Post

Well…this is officially my first blog post ever.  Didn’t think I could do it.  I have wanted to start a blog for a long time, but kept obsessing over which subject to address first.  Should it be about cooking?  Art?  Improv?  Crafting?  Non-profits?  Acting?  Self-improvement?  How do you bloggers out there choose?  Alas, I couldn’t seem to narrow down the scope what my new blogging universe would be, much less a name for the site.  Until I came up with “Everything Jenn”.


So yeah…I’m Jenn.  And I like everything.  (Cue the stereotypical group meeting response, “Hi Jenn”.)  Well maybe not everything, but sometimes it feels that way.  I have so many interests and so many dreams that I want to attain in life.  So maybe it’s finally time that I put those ideas into one place where I can track my progress, good and bad, and see where this crazy game of life takes me.

I’m hoping to share “everything” on here that makes me…me!  A little bit about me: I graduated college with a music theater (yes, we spelled it with an ‘er’ there) degree and have a love for performing.  I enjoy doing improv comedy with a local group and am working on introducing musical improv to our area.  To pay the bills, I do have an office-type day job, and I am happy to have that security in my life.  However, I am looking for self-fulfillment in the visual and performing arts, and that’s really where this blog comes into the picture.  I am hoping to expand upon my skills as a musician, actor, artist, chef attempt at being a cook, baked goods decorator, craft-er, interior designer, non-profit fundraiser, humanitarian, and wifey to my hubby.

So please join me in my journey…who knows where the road will take us.  Maybe we can create something beautiful.  Might as well find out.

Do you have a million ideas all the time?  Are you, like me, attempting all of them at once?  Do you like cats?  Are you hungry right now?  Let me know in the comments section!