Attempt at Cooking…Sweet Potato Fries

I jumped onto the paleo diet bandwagon back in September to try and lose a few pounds. While I’m still getting the hang of it, it has definitely been working for me. I’ve lost 9 pounds and I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I was having some really bad stomach problems before (i.e. taking Pepto Bismal every night!), and since I’ve been doing paleo, they’re practically gone – they only return when I have a “bad eating day”. I also don’t have the sugar crashes after eating like I used to, nor do I have the crazy cravings or feel the need to “graze” on snacks between meals. Everybody has their own diets that work for them – this one just happens to be working for me right now. Now if only I can start making myself work out. *sigh* Maybe tomorrow, hahaha.

Anywho…so today’s “attempt at cooking” is paleo-friendly sweet potato fries.

Just peel the potatoes, chop into fry shapes, coat in yumminess, and bake!

sweet potato fries in bowl

I put them into a bowl to mix and coat everything easily instead of putting them on the pan first. Just thought it would be easier. Oh, and I used butter instead of the coconut oil the recipe says to use…the hubby doesn’t much care for coconut oil, so butter it is. They were still suuuuper delicious. 🙂

Before baking:

sweet potato fries precooked

After baking:

sweet potato fries cooked

The recipe for these delicious delicacies can be found at Nom Nom Paleo.


What have you been cooking lately?