All That Glitters is….a Wreath!

Christmas is coming up fast this year, isn’t it?! I can’t believe it’s only a week away!

I’m still trying to get my house in order for the season. I’m afraid it will be over before I’m done.

We usually buy a wreath each year for the winter, but this year I wanted to attempt at making my own. I thought about making one of those yarn-wrapped wreaths that you can find all over Pinterest, but when I found a plain wreath for only $1.89 at Michael’s, and some flowers that were 70% off, I decided to make a glittery, flower-filled wreath instead!

I also had some burlap lying around from decorating our Christmas tree (more on that later!), and incorporated that as well.

First, I took the branches and just played around with them to make them somewhat face the same way and just increase the overall aesthetic.  Next, I took the burlap and tucked it into the wreath at about 6 to 8 inch intervals.

wreath, tucking in burlap

Then I grabbed some floral wire and wrapped it around each place where the burlap was tucked in.

wreath, floral wire

I must admit, I know absolutely nothing about decorating wreaths. I may have used the floral wire incorrectly, but I was ready to get it done and didn’t feel like taking the time to look up how to do it properly. So keep your fingers crossed that it stays together.

The third step was cutting the glittery filler with wire cutting pliers. Yet another tool that I don’t know how to use, but somehow I managed!

wreath, wire cutting flowers

I tucked little sections of this into the wreath, and then did the same wrapping with the floral wire that I did with the burlap.

Last but not least, I took the bigger flower and, using a serrated knife, cut the stem down shorter, tucked it into the wreath, and once again wrapped it in floral wire to keep it in place.

wreath finished on table

The biggest difference here was that I then used my mini glue gun to help hold it into place. I didn’t want to risk such a pretty flower falling off. Glue a couple of glittery filler pieces on too and voila! Done!

Here it is hung up all pretty-like on our front door:

wreath finished on door

I almost can’t believe I made this. I need to go look up how to use floral wire now.

What do you think? Like it? Hate it? Working on your own wreaths this Christmas season? Tell me in the comments!! 🙂