About “Everything Jenn”

Well hellooo!  I’m Jenn.  And I like everything.  Well maybe not everything, but sometimes it feels that way.

I have so many ideas all the time about my hopes/dreams/aspirations for the future that I felt like I needed a place to put them all – so here we are!  Welcome to the craziness!

I’m currently billing myself as a “Creative Professional” because I think that fits me the most.  I graduated college with a music theater major, and since then have dabbled in a bit of everything (while maintaining an office-type day job), including (but not limited to!):

  • improvisational and sketch comedy
  • art (specifically drawing using graphite)
  • furniture refinishing
  • baked goods decorating
  • interior design
  • non-profit fundraising/awareness
  • home-based business sales
  • cooking attempts at cooking
  • mothering two cats
  • being a wifey to my hubby (is it weird that “wife” and “husband” still sound too formal to me sometimes?)

Anywho – yep – that’s my life.  Thanks for taking a look around, and come back to visit often.  I can’t promise that everything will all be linear and make perfect sense, but it should all be fun!

Love and Glitter,

-“Everything” Jenn


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